• Most homes don't have a room that has the amount of windows that a sunroom has.  So, most rooms don't get all that much light into them.

    Because of these two issues many homeowners think in order to create the bright lighted sunroom of their dreams their new sunroom will need to be facing the bright side of the house or the west or the south side.

    The Dream Room Sunroom is engineered and manufactured in such a way that we can design windows literally side by side an create a room that is all glass or mostly glass.  It really doesn't matter if the sun shines into the room or not.  If it is light outside it will be very light on the inside of the sunroom.

    Since it isn't necessary to have the new sunroom fact towards the sun many of our customers find that an installation facing east or north creates a room that is a bit easier to live with and enjoy during the summer heat.  Those families that might consider air conditioning for their room facing west or south just might not need it facing east or north.  Some of the happiest customers we have just needed some light in their life not direct sun.

    When you consider your new sunroom, it's a good idea to remember to just add light!  Schedule your free estimate today.