• Sunrooms Built on a Deck or Slab?

    The answer to the question will vary from customer to customer.  Here are a few thoughts for you to consider.  As a designer of sunrooms for the past 17 years, i have come to think sunrooms look nicer when they are built on a slab at ground level.  I really don't have an explanation for why but I believe that they do.  If you are concerned with how your new room looks from the outside or how it looks to your neighbor then perhaps building it at ground level would be your best option.

    On the other hand, a sunroom built on a raised deck or floor offers a couple of advantages that should be considered.  First, as folks get older stairs become more and more difficult to negotiate.  If you are getting up in years or plan on living in your current home until such time that you are you should consider building a floor at the threshold height of the door on your home.  This way allows you to just walk right in and out without climbing stairs.  Also, if someone in the home would ever require a wheel chair it will be much easier for this person to access the sunroom built at this height.  The second reason that you might consider a raised deck or floor is that it can be insulated while it is being built.  The sunroom will easier to heat and cool with a well insulated floor.

    The best way to decide is to just ask yourself what is important to me?  This will be your room, it should be built to your likes and needs! Call us today for a free design and estimate and we will help you make that happen.