• The answer to this question isn't even a tough one.  It's YES.  So why would some sunroom companies say that you don't need one?  Well, a common reason is because their sunroom will not meet the snow loads for this area.  There are tons of sunrooms that are shipped into our area that are designed for Florida, Arizona or California.  You may have even heard some types of rooms being called an Arizona room or a Florida room.  these rooms are pretty and in most cases less money but shortly after the first snow fall they are laying in your backyard from the weight of the snow.

    Building codes and permits are designed to protect you and I.  The building official is responsible to make sure that the work that is done on your home is done to code.  They require engineered drawing with a engineers stamp for each job.  When the job is finished the building department will inspect the job to make sure it was built correctly.  This gives you the peace of mind that you have a third party inspecting the work and signing off on it.

    Providing the required engineering and permits adds a little money to the job but is is a great investment.  You certainly don't want your new sunroom laying in the back yard.  When you have work done on your home make sure to require a permit and have the contractor get it.  In order to purchase a permit a contractor must me licensed and have proper insurance.  If the contractor asks you to obtain the permit do a bit more checking to make sure everything is in order.

    At Dream Room Design we take pride in each and every job making sure to pull the proper permits.  Call today for your free estimate and design.