• Simply put, Liquid Vinyl Siding breaks the endless cycle of painting and related problems.  Over time Liquid Vinyl Siding saves you time and money.  Here is what Liquid Vinyl Siding will do for you:

    Outlast Paint  Ordinary paints typically only last a few years.  They are applied in thin coat and from the natural weather exposure will fade and wear out relatively soon.

    No Chalking, Cracking or Peeling  Liquid Vinyl Siding is applied about the thickness of a credit card which is over 10 times thicker than that of conventional paint.  It's ability to expand over 600% allows it to take extreme temperatures and weather changes far better than paint.  So long after conventional paint fades, mildew, cracks and peels Liquid Vinyl Siding continues to look like your home was freshly painted.

    No Warped or Loose Panels, No Insects  Like traditional vinyl siding Liquid Vinyl Siding is durable and low fuss.  Liquid Vinyl Siding however also skips the problems most common to traditional vinyl siding:  warping panels, loosening and insects buildup behind the panels.

    Limitless Range of Colors  While traditional vinyl siding only comes in a few ordinary colors, Liquid Vinyl Siding has a limitless range of color options.  Most homeowners feel the biggest benefit to Liquid Vinyl Siding is the natural look of their home retained and does not look artificial like the look of standard vinyl siding.