• Sunrooms Designed and Engineered for Idaho Weather

    A common statement from our customers after they have enjoyed their new sunroom for a time is that it has become. . . . .

    "Their Most Favorite Room In The House"

    Certainly their are many reasons and not everyone shares the same reasons but most of us love to be outside.  But most of us also don't always enjoy the things that come with being outside.  The bugs, wind, dust, rain, snow, heat and even sometimes the smells.  We also find we are happier and enjoy our leisure time when it is bright with more light.  A sunroom protects us from all of the outside elements that may cause us discomfort but allows us to enjoy the outdoors and the light.  The brightness of the day entering a sunroom during the grey days of winter draws us to this favorite room.

    Styles And Options

    The Dream Room Sunroom is available in four different styles that can be designed and engineered for your needs and weather conditions.  The Dream Room Sunroom can be engineered to meet all local building codes and snow loads.  Sunrooms can be installed on most existing decks or patios or a new patio can be built for you.