• Patio Room Sunroom in Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Surrounding Areas

    The Patio Room has an insulated roof/ceiling that provides warmer times in the winter and cooler times in the summer.  Although the roof has no glass the wall system can be designed to allow a tremendous amount of light into the room.  The walls can be designed with just a little glass or can include corner to corner floor to ceiling glass. The pictures below will show a few different glass configurations viewed from the inside. Even with just the center section of glass the Patio Room is unbelievably bright with the windows designed so close together.

    Like all of the Dream Room Sunrooms the Patio Room comes with three energy upgrades of glass and two different wall systems.  Your specific situation and needs will dictate what might be best for you.

    All of the operable windows come with full screens and the glass can be easily removed to convert all or part of the Patio Room into a temporary screen room.

    All Dream Room Sunrooms come with a Manufactures Lifetime Warranty that includes a Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty.